The mission of SWIM is a cooperative mission front and rear.

When a local Christian or missionary evangelizes at a mission field, they inform the supporting churches in advance and ask for intercession.
The people from supporting churches and missionaries pray together that the Holy Spirit will help those who listen to the gospel receive Jesus.

A local Christian and missionaries inform the Christian in Prayer of the results of evangelism and request follow-up prayers for their souls.

Local churches or missionaries and the Christians in Prayer have regular online meetings and during the missionary activities, we hold a festival to bless the soul that greeted Jesus, encourages local believers and missionaries who conducted the missionary work and thank the Holy Spirit.

In evangelizing people, local Christians and missionaries worked hard on the mission field, but the members of supporting churches also participated in evangelism to save the soul, and the Holy Spirit is the final agent of salvation.

This is a cooperative mission front and rear led by the Holy Spirit.

Offering the Man of God program with missionaries to the mission field.

SWIM hopes to spread the Man of God program to local churches and expand it.

We want this work to be carried out with the missionaries.

1. Supplying to missionary churches

- Missionary work through the local churches is an emerging area.
- In particular, It's a new attempt for the local church members to become Man of God and expand the kingdom of God It's a new attempt.
- For this purpose, it is God's pleasure for missionaries to provide Man of God program to local churches.
- I hope the missionaries will join us.

2 Disseminating programs to a missionary's church or community

SWIM recommends that the members of the mission site grow into Man of God and participate in the expansion of the kingdom of God.
- The Man of God program will be beneficial to Christians.
- It would be great if I hope the missionaries will actively promote this.

Online missionary support

SWIM has supported missionaries' online ministry for a long time and hopes to continue serving them.

1. Providing online missionary content
Online QT (Arabic Fusha, Levant Ammiyya)
Online Evangelical QT Evangelicals (Levant Ammiyya
Online one-on-one student parenting (Arabic Fusha)
Connecting Father's/Mother's School, etc
(Duranno Old Father's School/Duranno Old Mother's School)
2. Converting face-to-face/online ministry
3. Connecting and supporting online advertising
4. Consulting the organization of the missionary community
5. Metaverse Research and Seminar