The promise of the Bible

If you get close to the Bible, you can become a man of God

16.  All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness;
17.  that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.
Timothy 3: 16-17


QT MAN is,

QT is an essential course for knowing God and becoming a man of God.

It is very helpful for believers to dedicate about 10 minutes a day to God to meditate on his words of the bible and share them in their communities.

By doing this QT every day, the Christians will grow as people of God by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The support of the eye-level QT materials is important to help the local church members to better understand and accept the Bible.

Eye-level QT is a QT content that addresses the various obstacles and church requirements that local church members can face to do QT.

We are supplying these eye-level online QT materials in Arabic.

* QT(quiet time): daily devotional, Securing a quiet time and place by meditating on the verses of the Bible

QT evangelist

Christians who have meditated on the Gospel of John can preach it to people online.

What is the Online evangelism of John? 

- Evangelists and unbelievers/reliefs are connected one-to-one online, and every day they meditate and share the Gospel of John with each other.
- If the Holy Spirit opens their hearts while unbelievers/seekers are reading the Bible, then the evangelists can preach the gospel to them.
Local church members and missionaries who have evangelized the Gospel of John say that this evangelism is achieved with the Holy Spirit through the bible, which leads to a good result.
They can do this precious thing.

Home priest, Father

There are many unhappy and broken families and the cause of this comes from the father.

For these fathers, the Missionary Church can set the up Father School program and encourages them to join it and teach them how to be good father.
After that, the fathers have a follow-up meeting every week, where they can steadily learn how to become priests of the family.

The father, who became a priest of the family can do the followings; 
- Daily family blessing prayer
- Leading family prayer group
- Leading family worship

They can build up a happy family of faith by doing the activities above. 

Fathers who have experienced the program will not only give a good influence to their neighboring fathers, but will also motivate them to participate in the program.

Happy Mom

Mothers in the mission field are the ones who suffer the most from broken or unhappy families in the mission field.

They have a weak identity as mothers, making it challenging to create a happy family.
For them, the church can suggest how to be a happy mother through the mother school program.

After that, mothers who have completed the program are able to join the meetings every week and continue to practice the Happy Mother programs.

These mothers join the program followings;

- The happy wife
- The great mother
- The happy believer

They create a happy family of faith by doing activities.
Then they can give their neighboring good Influence and challenge.

Christian youth pioneering their future

Christian youth in the mission field plays a significant role in the future of society.

To fulfill this role, these young people need to learn Christian youth's ideal vision and practice in other countries.

We recommend that young people diligently engage in faith training as Christians, such as daily QT and one-to-one discipleship.

Meanwhile, local Christian youth in the mission field often face barriers to entering society.

SWIM tries to help these young people enter society well in corporation with the local experts and expects that young Christian youth with such sincere faith and professional qualifications will take responsibility for the future in the field.