Remote refugee ministry

SWIM has been carrying out refugee ministry in the Middle East since 2017.

We work together with the local refugee church in a spirit of cherishing one's soul.
we encourage refugees to share the gospel with refugees, and we remotely support refugees in order to share the gospel with them.
To this end, we offered local refugee church Online QT, one-on-one discipleship program, The Father School, The Mother School, etc. and we have studied in many ways and consulted together for the survival and growth of the refugee church.

As a result, the refugee church has improved its ability to preach the gospel to refugees and has been actively preaching the gospel, and the fruits are abundant.

In addition, we are doing missionary work for self-reliance of their own life with the refugee church together.

SWIM works to make a living on their own by teaching refugee youth simple design skills (the Clipping Path) and providing them with work remotely in order that they can work locally. This work has been carried out in cooperation with the social enterprise LCanvas.

SWIM established the Man of God model while doing refugee ministry that values the soul, and we plan to spread it out to many churches and countries as much as possible in the future.

IT System/Apps Development

SWIM develops and distributes IT systems and apps to support its own online ministry or missionaries.

• Online QT System (Standard Arabic and Levant dialect)
• Online One-to-One System (Standard Arabic)
• One-to-one Matching System
• Christian intermediate prayer App 
• A solution to convert face-to-face missionaries into a non-face-to-face method
(Based on Google Workspace)
• Mission Management System

Metaverse Research and Development

The attempt to incorporate metaverse into missionary work is currently in progress.
We're trying to use the metaverse for missionary work in a variety of ways and perspective.

1. Metaverse for Young People in Missionary Church

• Young people in missionary churches often have low identity or uncertain vision as a Christian youth
• It is good for these Christian young people to meet each other in cyberspace in the same language area and share their worries and wisdom, learn together, to prepare for the future together.
• We're trying to create and supply the Metaverse Community for these young Christians.

2. Metaverse for Missionaries and Mission work 
• We are working together with FMnC, a Korean IT missionary.
• We are studying about how to apply it to mission works and missionaries through seminars.

Online Arab Mission


SWIM's Arab ministry ( has reported cases of Arab people welcoming Christ or showing interest through Christian broadcasting and the Internet in Arabic, where official missionary methods are prohibited and the need for Arab-speaking missionaries through the Internet and social commerce has become urgent as many young Arab-speaking people use communication over the Internet.

Accordingly, Online Arab Mission began in 2009 with the aim of delivering the gospel through Arabic, providing materials for QT daily life and ministry materials for ministry workers. The biggest way for Arab people to receive Jesus Christ is through the Bible.

The vision of (Life for you) is to offer mailing services and Christian content so that people who are banned to own their Bible are able to access the words every day, providing a way to meet Jesus Christ.

Introduction to the ministry

• Transition to Arabic QT Translation (Living Life, Duranno)
• Mailing Service (Arabic Day, QT in Arabic)
• Providing  sermons (audio, text)
• Provision of data for supernovae and non-Christians (gospels, pictorial meditation)
• Theological education, apprenticeship education, children's ministry data, and monthly paper are provided.
• Arabic Praise (Lyrics, Code, Musical Score, Audio).
• Provides links to Arabic Bible sites.
• Establishing and nurturing one-on-one relationships through Q&A process.
• Facebook Community Operation (Arabic Pastors and Couples)

Online Chinese Mission


"Have this heart in you, because it is the heart of Christ Jesus."

An Internet site with Jesus' heart that moves the Chinese people evangelism to Chinese people via Chinese site (

Introduction to the ministry

• Providing Chinese QT Service for Spiritual Growth and Training
• Cooperation of Missionaries in China's Urban Industrial Complex
• Internet Missionary Training for Chinese Students in Korea
• a network of Internet missionaries
• an online seminary to foster home church leaders
• Sunday school teacher training