Since 1996

1996.04. The inaugural meeting of the Society for World Internet Mission (Onnuri Church Soonhyeong Hall)
1996.05. the 1st Board Meeting
1996.05. the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd development committee meeting
1996.06. the 1st and 2nd Finance Committee Meeting / Summer Camp Lecture for Missionary Children
1996.09. Established Daegu-Gyeongbuk Internet Mission (Society for World Internet Mission Daegu-Gyeongbuk Branch)
1996.10. Hosted a night of support for the Society (Wangsimni Church)
1996.12. Held the 1st Internet Mission Seminar
1996.12. launched one-to-one discipleship teaching materials

ministry development

1997.03. First Internet Mission School graduation ceremony and regular general meeting held
1997.07. 3rd Internet Mission School Opening Worship
1997.01. 16 students in the 2nd semester, 8 students in the 3rd semester Completed Internet Mission School
1998.02. Chinese homepage service. < website in 1998 >
1998.03. Started the 'Daily Bible Verse One by One' mailing service
1998.03. The 4th Internet Mission School Opening Worship
1998.04. Moved SWIM headquarters to Gangnam Station.
1998.06. English meditation paper 'Living Life' service.
1998.07. Started mailing service for meditation paper 'Today's Food'
1998.07. Won SWIM website prize in "The 1st Best Christian Web Korea"
1998.08. Held a workshop under the theme of 'Christian Use of the Internet' (Sarang Church Youth Retreat)
1998.09. Completion of 14 students from the 4th Internet Mission School / Regular General Meeting of Internet Missions
1998.10. 5th Internet Mission School Opening Worship (Students: 12)
1999.04. Completion of 5 5th preliminary internet missionaries
1999.09. Reorganization of homepage in accordance with SWIM site ministry expansion
2000.01. SWIM headquarters moved to Sinsa-dong.
2000.04. 2000 Board meeting
2000.06. Completion of 15 students from the 6th Internet Mission School
2000.08. 2nd Youth Mission Camp held (SWIM, Blessing School, World Vision co-hosted)
2000.11. 1st Christian Comic Contest held (co-hosted with Word of Life)
2000.11. Completed the 7th Internet Mission School for 10 students

In-house ministry and partnership with external organizations

2002.02. Completion of 8 students from the 8th Internet Mission School < 2002 website >
2002.03. Selected as's Favorite Site for Christianity
2002.11. Held the 1st Korean Church Internet Mission Policy Forum
2002.12. Held the 2nd Korean Church Internet Mission Policy Forum
2004.01. Completed establishment of Eurasia A Country Internet Mission Church
2004.01. Local dispatch missionary support campaign (make missionary website, dental treatment)
2004.02. Opened missionary TV site (source: Onnuri TV, Intercorp)
2004.06. Partnership with Osaka CCC
2004.07. Dispatch of 125 Internet missionaries
2004.08. SWIM RADIO, God People alliance
2004.08. Vietnam IMC ministry started
2004.09. SWIM cooperates with CGNTV
2004.10. Collaborated with SWIM and Workplace Missionary Association
2004.10. Started Japanese life life service in cooperation with Duranno
2004.10. Mission Times, in cooperation with CCM LOVE
2004.11. Collaborated with Duranno Music
2004.12. Established Internet Mission School Indonesia
2005.01. SWIM Regular Board of Directors - Elder Song Young-tae appointed as president / Translation and Missionary Center (MTMC) established
2005.03. Partnered with
2005.04. Moved SWIM headquarters to Seobinggo
2005.05. 2005 Israel Peace March cooperation
2005.06. Completion of Internet Mission School (IMA) 6 students from Korea and 4 students from Indonesia
2005.07. Partnership for IT mission with Jeonju Technical College
2005.08. Wangsimni Church in cooperation with the International Study of Exodus from Egypt
2005.09. Started United Ministry for Culture and Mission (UCM)
2005.09. SWIM and Admission cooperation, "Send banner of love campaign"
2005.09. SWIM and Onnuri Medical Ministry Committee (OMMC) cooperative cyber hospital establishment
2005.10. Cooperated with Onnuri Church Rural Mission and North Korean Refugee Mission
2005.10. With Zone, Widchurch, affiliated with Device Computing
2005.12. TIM, Cooperation with the 10 Million Cutie Movement Headquarters web ministry
2005.12. SWIM dispatched missionary internal medicine treatment service started (Heo Yeon-moo Internal Medicine Clinic)
2005.12. SWIM, OWMC, OIMC, OMMC, TIM, FMnC joint ministry launched

2006 ~ 2010

2006.02. Cooperation with Onnuri Church Acts29 (Internet ministry in Japan)
2006.02. NCOWE World Missions Conference (KWMA) SWIM cooperation
2006.02. Onnuri IT Ministry Committee, SWIM Co-hosted IT Regular Seminar
2006.03. Started Spanish Cutie Mailing
2006.03. SWIM Counseling Office, in cooperation with Torch Trinity
2006.03. Participated in Christian IT forum hosted by CTS Christian Broadcasting Station
2006.03. Cooperation with "Worship and Praise" Chinese (Taiwan) "Life of Life" mailing
2006.05. Establishment of American Internet Mission Network through IMA
2006.05. Organized the 1st Church Internet Informatization Seminar SWIM by CTS and the Korean Federation of Korean Industries
2006.03. Participated in Global Christian Internet Alliance Conference, SWIM
2006.06. Sending volunteer missionaries through "SWIM Missionary Hub Center (SMHC)"
2006.07. The 1st Internet Mission Training Seminar in the Americas
2006.07. Signed a partnership with Gospel World Newspaper
2006.08. SWIM Internet Medical Mission Team's "IT+BT" project
2006.08. A new leap forward for China - Chinese community opened
2006.11. CCM Player service
2006.12. SWIM site reorganization
2007.03. Participated in ITCMC 2007 IT Mission Conference
2007.03. Conducted joint internet campaign in partnership with Good Neighbors - “Reconciliation” during the Holy Week
2007.03. Established CMN (Onnuri Medical Mission) Cyber ​​Missionary Medical Counseling Center
2007.08. Joint campaign “Help North Korea” in partnership with Good Neighbors
2007.10. Ministry of Ministry and Theology SWIM Introduction
2008.01. Article partnership with Christian newspapers such as iGood News, News & Joy, and Christian Today
2008.04. Appointed SWIM representative Moon-ki Min as chairman
2008.05. Opened SWIM DB data center for missionaries
2008.07. Today's Form English-Spanish version service
2008.07. Conducted e-helper (internet mission consulting and support) ministry
2008.08. overall reorganization
2008.08. Started real-time mailing service for Maeil Bible
2008.08. Opened Japan mission broadcasting Love Nippon
2008.09. Mission Home Builder (construction of free website for missionaries)
2008.09. Opened multilingual Nepali course
2008.11. Opened multilingual Bengali course
2008.12. QT Mailing reorganization

2009.01. Chinese, Arabic, and Azerbaijan ministry declaration
2009.03. Development work on dispatched to China
2009.04. Opened, a cyber seminary for Chinese house church leaders
2009.06. BEE Korea Ministry cooperation in China / Lecture at Cyber ​​Seminary
2009.08. Mission China Network
2009.09. Opened the Arabic site ""
2009.09. Established Global Jesus Christ ministry corner
2010.01. Opened Arabic QT mailing service
2010.02. Opened Chinese QT mailing service
2010.03. Opened the Chinese site ""
2010.04. Reorganized of China Cyber ​​Seminary
2010.05. Network of Chinese Theological Students in Korea
2010.06. Arab Strategic Local Network
2010.07. Mission Korea IT sector lecture and mentor
2010.11. Internet Theological Education for House Church Leaders

2011 ~ 2014

2011.03. Reorganized the Chinese site ""
2011.04. Network of Chinese Theological Students in Korea
2011.06. Network of Friends of Chinese Theology in Korea
2011.07. Arab Mission Seminar using the Internet
2011.08. Mission China Network
2011.11. Internet Theology and China Mission Seminar
2012.1-4. Cooperation with the Next Generation Headquarters of Onnuri Church (SayNote) Cooperation with the Education Research Center of the Church of Sarang (CAT) Cooperation with the Chinese seminary students in Korea (CNS)
2012.05. Teacher Seminar using Internet in Yanji, China
2012.06. Korea Chinese Theological Students Friendship Network
2012.07. Arab Mission Seminar / Response to the rapidly changing Arab world and mission proposals
2012.08. Lectures and mentors for missionary Korea IT sector
2012.09. Onnuri Q.T. Seminar Introduction and use of SayNote, the next-generation parenting textbook in Onnuri, China Internet Theological Seminary, Chinese Internet Sunday School Ministry, Arab Internet Mission Reorganization
2012.11. Internet Theological Education for Board of Directors and House Church Leaders
2013.05. Middle East region strategy meeting and local church minister network
2013.06. Chinese seminary students in Korea
2013.07. Mission China
2013.10. AMA Convention / Acts Mission Conference
2013.11. IT Mission Seminar
2014.1-2. LMS / One-on-one ministry cooperation in China
2014.03. IT Mission School
2014.04. LMS Cambus Chinese local minister training
2014.05. Vitamin C cooperation
2014.06. Chinese seminary students in Korea
2014.07. World Mission Strategy Conference (by region)
2014.08. Mission Korea
2014.10. China Association (19th Kuwait Convention)
2014.11. Chinese Sunday School Seminar
2014.12. IT Mission School


2015.02. SWIM office relocation
2015.05. Vitamin C (Mission in China)
2015.06. Arabic site compatibility work
2015.08. one class one school education
2015.09. Education platform establishment (Moodle)
2015.10. Vitamin C (Mission in China)
2015.10. Arab Seminar
2016.01. Outreach management system development
2016.03. Participated in Egypt KDEC missionary conference
2016.05. one class one school education
2016.06. M Care (Missionary Management) Program Development
2016.09. Mission China 2030 (Jeju)
2016.10. Midterm Association Competition
2016.11. Islam Seminar (Dr. Joseph Joseph)
2017.01. World Digital Education Council
2017.01. Developed missionary contents library system
2017.03. Distributing Digital Contents in Seongyo
2017.05. Vitamin C (Jeju)
2017.06. Missionary IT security education
2017.08. Migrant missionary (office course)
2017.09. Prayer ON App Development
2017.10. Digital Refugee Mission Plan (Establishment of L Canvas)
2017.10. MC2030 Himalayas Forum
2018.01. Selected as a start-up team for the Social Entrepreneur Development Project (L Canvas)
2018.03. Refugee mission (Photoshop education for refugees' livelihood)
2018.05. Establishment of e-learning foundation for missionary training course
2018.08. Refugee Mission (Father School, Turkey)
2018.09. Website development (Mcenter, A Better World)
2018.10. Vitamin C
2018.11. Korea Federation of Trade Unions Bulgaria Competition
2019.01. Refugee Mission (Photoshop clippingpath work)
2019.03. Selected as a resident company by the Social Enterprise Growth Support Center (L Canvas)
2019.05. Vitamin C
2019.09. Duranno Multilingual Cutie One-on-one cooperation
2019.07. Refugee Mission (Father, Mother School, Turkey)
2019.10. Mission China 2030 Tianshan Forum
2019.12. Designated as a preliminary social enterprise (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
2020.02. APEN (Istanbul Forum)
2020.03. Refugee Photoshop Training
2020.03. Social enterprise growth support center move-in agreement
2020.05. Non-face-to-face distance ministry training (Google G Suite)
2020.06. Development and dissemination of missionary app (Google class room)
2020.07. Missionary Online Application (OOMSN)
2020.09. Non-face-to-face worship support for refugee ministry
2020.10. Missionary Media Education
2020.11. ITMC Metaverse Mission Conference
2020.11. Lebanese refugee church cooperation ministry
2020.11. 2020 SOCIAL BRIDGE DAY (Best Social Partner Award)
2020.12. Social Economy Organization Matching Day Online Booth Operation
2021.02. Missionary Online Application (OOMSN)
2021.03. Growth support center co-working company registration
2021.05. Refugee Church online one-to-one / QT education
2021.07. Media IT mini forum
2021.09. Online Vitamin C
2021.12. Arabic site reorganization (responsive)